D.A.T International Freight Forwarding CO.,LTD

DAT INTERNATIONAL Freight Forwarding CO., LTD is a young company in the field of international shipping, but we have been and are partners of many foreign-invested companies as well as large companies in Vietnam.

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No. 31 Nam Phap 1, Dang Giang Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam

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International Logistics Joint Stock Company The Touch respectfully welcome!

DAT International Freight Forwarding Company Limited was established in 2019 in Hai Phong. As a young company in the field of Logistics, we have been a partner of many foreign-invested companies as well as large companies in Vietnam. With a team of experienced personnel and young generations of well-trained personnel, combined with the development strategy as well as the vision of the management board. We will be a reliable choice for all customers looking for a partner in the field of Logistics!

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Core values

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We give you full control over your goods

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We Provide The Best Shipping Service

Customs Clearance

DAT completes customs clearance procedures for the user's shipments.

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transport is a method of transporting goods by at least two different modes of transport.

Export - Import

DAT is committed to safety, minimizing risks and creating trust in customers.


Leasing leading factories and warehouses with FDI enterprises in Hai Phong - Quang Ninh and the North.

Integrated Service

DAT always focuses on creating value-added services according to customers' needs and budgets.

Financial Accounting

Accounting Audit is a useful tool to solve the complexities of financial and tax accounting standards.

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Numbers Overview

Road way (over 1.000.000 km/Year)
Rail way (over 500.000 Ton/year)
Air way (over 100.000 Ton/year)
Sea way (over 50.000 Container/year)


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I am very satisfied with the shipping service, as well as the customs declaration of D.A.T Thank you, company
Mr Hoa
When using the warehousing service of D.A.T. Your consulting company is very enthusiastic. I am very satisfied with the goods
Mr Hùng
I am very satisfied with you, very dedicated, professional, enthusiastic advice. I will use the service for a long time.
Văn Bắc
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