Customs Clearance

Customs service is considered the core of D.A.T . For any customer, D.A.T divides into 02 stages to work and support customers
Stage 1: Consulting on import and export procedures:

Consultancy on import and export procedures is the most important step, the decisive decision in the import and export of all import and export goods. Customs clearance procedures for import and export goods are complicated and not applicable. same in each country. In particular, if the goods are not in accordance with the actual nature, the documents are not properly and carefully prepared, then any deviation at any level can cause delays, incur additional costs. and even fined for violations. Therefore, DAT includes knowledgeable and dedicated experts in consulting so that customers understand and prepare well the requirements for the above items.
Common consultations include:

1. Procedures for import and export goods
2. Procedures for temporary import and export goods
3. Procedures for delivery at the Port
4. Tax payment procedures, tax refund procedures, tax exemption procedures, non-collection procedures, tax adjustment procedures due to incorrect payment at land border gate customs, port customs, airport customs, customs industrial area…
5. Consulting procedures for importing machinery and equipment, tools for creating fixed assets, procedures for applying for permits, lists of tax-free goods, procedures for applying for certification of synchronous transmission lines.
6. Procedures for plant and animal quarantine, food hygiene and safety quarantine.
7. Procedures for quality inspection, announcement of product ingredients, announcement of standard conformity
8. Procedures for re-exporting goods that do not conform to quality, types and specifications, breach the contract in both cases where customs declaration has been declared and customs declaration has not yet been declared.
9. Determining the price of goods, classifying goods
10. Preservation of vouchers.
Consulting and completing investment certification procedures for domestic and foreign companies, consulting and completing C/O procedures for exporting enterprises.
Stage 2: Consulting on customs clearance and post-clearance procedures.

With the motto of increasing efficiency, productivity, and minimizing costs incurred for goods at the time of customs clearance, DAT has been fulfilling the responsibility and trust that our customers have given us. I entrust.

Consultancy on customs clearance and post-clearance procedures include:

1. Customs clearance procedures for all types of import and export goods: goods for business, investment, processing, manufactured goods for export, import and export on the spot, project goods, goods temporarily imported for re-export exports, goods temporarily exported for re-import, exhibition goods, aid goods, goods in transit, and non-commercial goods.
2. Product policy consultation, HS code application, customs tax calculation, customs price determination, customs inspection, price consultation, post-customs clearance inspection
3. Consulting on international payment methods: L/C, TT, ...
4. Consulting on electronic customs declaration procedures, registering an account for electronic customs declaration
5. Advising on bank guarantee procedures to enjoy tax grace period.
6. Advice on post-customs clearance procedures: Goods inspection, tax, ...