Leasing warehousing and manufacturer

Ready-built factory is a new type of optimized design for production activities, this is also the perfect option chosen by many businesses to save costs. The consulting service for leasing factories and industrial parks will support consulting and answering in the selection of construction and design units. In addition, enterprises can participate in supervision during the construction process as well as when receiving the handover.

A quality ready-built factory must meet the standards of architecture to build an industrial factory model, optimize production space, complete infrastructure, full of services, ready to rent to businesses. D.A.T specializes in providing factory rental services with a flexible scale, many areas, satisfying the requirements of investors who are looking for quality ready-built factories for rent in Hai Phong.

Businesses looking for consulting services for renting ready-built factories are increasing

Currently, businesses are tending to focus on gradually shifting to factory rental services in industrial parks, which has opened up many good opportunities for factory leasing units. Models and designs of ready-built factories are diverse, relatively different from normal rental services. Each type will have different characteristics, suitable for many business lines.

Renting ready-made & custom-built factories helps businesses skip the time-consuming construction phase and directly step into production. Basically, building a factory is a meticulous planning process. Therefore, D.A.T has researched and developed very well the service of building factories on demand, good price factories in Hai Phong to meet the construction needs of businesses.

D.A.T gives priority to groups of industries when renting land in the Industrial Park: textile industry, high-tech telecommunications, furniture, warehousing, supporting industries, processing agricultural products & food, etc.
Benefits when choosing a professional factory leasing consulting service unit

+ Help businesses in the area understand the benefits of rental units. Units that need to rent factories will always quote a very clear factory rental price, the price is predetermined for each different factory model. From there, customers will better understand and quickly choose the rental price that suits their needs. Limit the situation of "incorrect quotation" in spontaneous rental factories.

+ Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the factory: professional serviced factories will usually be located in one area, it will form an adjacent factory model. When there is a need to rent, businesses will be facilitated to visit all factory models.

+ Support for legal advice and factory rental policies

Legal issues and policies will directly affect the production progress of enterprises. Especially newly established businesses or foreign enterprises. Only professional factory leasing units have enough professional experience to accurately advise customers on the necessary procedures.
Warehouse leasing is an important field besides building factories. Be interested and invested by many companies. Compared with the construction of warehouses and workshops; Therefore, finding a warehouse to rent is the choice of many businesses.

HOW ARE THE PRACTICAL BENEFITS OF Leasing a Warehouse Brings to Enterprises?

Warehousing Leasing is a service that gives businesses an increase in storage area

Does leasing warehouses bring any benefits to businesses? The benefits that businesses gain from the service of warehouse rental are obvious. The first is the increase in storage utility.

When renting a warehouse with a suitable space, it will optimize the ability to store goods; This helps to increase production capacity. With their own warehouse, companies will be more proactive in stocking inventory and unsold goods.

Also, if the company is in the phase of mass production; Then outsourcing warehouse will be more effective.

When the warehouse area is expanded; The company's production process will be significantly optimized. The transportation of goods between warehouses and industrial facilities will be much more convenient. Especially when the warehouse is near the factory.

Not only that, when renting a warehouse, you will control the inventory storage space, maintenance equipment storage space, etc. Thus, it can be seen that the use of warehouse rental services has a positive impact. Extreme optimization of the production process. . Instead of building your own warehouse; Then hiring a reputable warehouse outside will be the best choice.


Units warehouse leasing will usually provide the company with services. Such as cleaning, maintaining the warehouse, transporting goods, renting forklifts, etc., especially supporting the company in the operation process.

=> With an ecosystem of family companies operating in the fields of Building factories, constructing and operating industrial parks, consulting and completing investment certification procedures for FDI and domestic companies . We have been and are the leading construction and leasing partner of factories and warehouses with FDI enterprises in Hai Phong and the North .